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Hamburg fans with a scarf pumping Ribery caused both players conflict

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10-31, the German Cup second round contest, the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich (official micro-blog data)away veteran burger. The first half of the match,Lewandowski break bushe, help the Bayern goal, Alabbar midfielder before the super long-range shooting to help Bayern to expand the score. The second half of the match,Ribery by virtue of the ability of individuals to lock the victory. Although the cable and score a goal, but still can not stop Bayern win. Finally, Bayern 3:1 away defeat Hamburg, a smooth round German Cup third round.

Before the end of the game, a Hamburg fan come with a scarf hit scored a goal of Ribery, although the fansprovocation initiated quickly by security personnel control,but led to both sides of the conflict between the players, the scene was chaos.

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