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The cold "artifact" wool scarf casually take

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Autumn and winter is very easy to let oneself becomebloated, if not fat is also very easy because of cold andwrapped with rice dumplings. But there is a "artifact" nowyou single goods is indispensable. Yes! Is wool scarf scarf,don't underestimate the effect. Especially in the cold winter,no matter use it as a scarf or shawl cloak, is a very good choice! Have a look the influx of people is how to play the"artifact" effect!

Plaid wool scarf scarf style is one of the most classic,atmospheric simple plaid, classic and Joker, gray color,reveals a low-key high sense. Simply with a hole in jeans,foot shoes Bullock, a casual leisure still fan children full of!

Gray Wool Scarf low-key atmosphere. The simplicity of thegrey is significantly high sense. With grey sweater and greyumbrella skirt, a gray modeling does not drown in the crowd, but more highlight elegant unique temperament. On a double cusp shoe, so that more nearly perfectproportions, a senior grey dress is very charming.

Black and White Plaid Wool Scarf not only classic style istie-in, style is also very diversified, shawl collar sectionmodels of atmospheric low-key, it is more a style. But remember, if you don't want to dominate in the choice ofclothing to choose soft light, like the model body nakedcolor with white, again tie-in black and white plaid scarf is very good.

If you want to improve temperament, then select a blackwoollen scarf absolutely. Don't look down upon a solid colorcharm Oh, a black skirt, put on black woollen scarf, primeform with a decorative belt is very great. With a bare footbare color bag, color high-heeled shoes, elegance mixed with charming woman.

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