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"Mother the hands of line" Qi mother made for children bib

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The morning of December 4th, Yongan ushered in aspecial customers, employees in Yongan are affectionatelyreferred to her as the mother of qi. Qi mother sat the first bus to Yongan, today she is not to sacrifice to their loved ones, but do the scarf for staff in Yongan.

Recently, more and more cold weather, this can be anxious that bad Qi mother, the children more cold in the tomb area? Qi mother in the child is actually the employees in Yongan, dating for three years, deep friendship to let herchildren match.

Qi mother yesterday to come to Yongan, take the phonefilmed Yongan uniform style, and then went to the clothshop selected for the Yongan uniform colour cloth. In order to make the scarf can give children the most suitable, Qi mother today simply came to Yongan site production.

Employee Hu Shujing in the blog described: Qi mother offhave not got a drink of water heating and, will be sewing tools and cloth out busy up, looked at us this help the children one by one ran Qi mother side, Qi mother carefullyand help us all to measure small collar, you side edge chaff, scene happiness, moving, unforgettable.

"Mr. mom, I like this color!" I mean a little scarf from the desk. Qi mother is threading the head to say: "good, you'restanding on guard in short time with this colour is no problem, you yourself look like which side......"

I did not expect, the scarf color is Qi mother serious thanwe down jacket color carefully chosen, so not only canwarm will not affect our work clothes image. Then Qi mothercutting good stuff for me to try Wai, lost love, this moment my tears to flow out......

Qi mother, an ordinary customers in Yongan, three years ago, the family buried in Yongan, after gradually with Yongan staff met familiar. On weekdays, Qi mother will givechildren the message, being in Yongan website: "the weather is cold, the children pay attention to keep warm."Today, Qi mother will this concern directly served, in this cold winter, in the maternal love the warmth of love everychild in Yongan.

12, the bus back to the city. The imminent departure, Qi mother finally finished the last collar, worn on Shi Jian's neck, and he rushed into the car.

"The children goodbye, wear more." "Qi mother goodbye!"Qi mother and children have pities farewell.

At the moment, the sun rising, just as at the moment of every child in Yongan as the heart, very warm......

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