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The scarf is involved in electric vehicle rear, is Le dislocation of cervical vertebra, facing high paraplegia

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In December 4th, the reporter learned from the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, into an 10 year old girlto ride electric vehicles, because of will not be involved inelectric vehicle rear scarf, is Le dislocation of cervical vertebra, facing high paraplegia.

The 10 year old girl from into an ordinary peasant family inSouth Yao Bao Cun, an county. According to Niuniu dadMr. Zhu introduced in December 1st, about seven thirty in the morning, Niuniu Niuniu mother ride the electric car to go to school, because of the way the wind is larger, our necklong scarf was involved in the rear wheel. The little girl fell to the ground, the neck scarf will she tightly, such as mother found, have been dragged for a distance.

That night, the girl from the county hospital to the Hebei Medical University third hospital. After diagnosis, the neckscarf Le injury caused by cervical dislocation, Niuniucomplete section 4 and 5 vertebrae with paraplegia. A very critical condition, the hospital president Zhang Yingzeimmediately organized the expert consultation, the implementation of the operation through the night."Operation from evening 11 when continued into the early morning of the second day at 1." Zhang Yingze said, this isits Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University from one of the most severe cases of cervical spine injury, cervical spine section 4 and section 5 the normal gap should be between 3 mm, but the girl is hard to be pulled to 3 cm.After more than 2 hours of effort, Niuniu tenaciouslysurvived.

"Niu Niu's neck vertebra is floating, lethal. Surgery forcervical vertebra effectively fixed, to avoid further damage to the spinal cord, as much as possible to save the lives of patients." Deputy director of the center of trauma surgery,the surgeon Dr. Hou Zhiyong said, at present, our basic life signs were stable, but not yet out of danger. Because of complications, girl still treatment in ICU in treatment group isclose observation. "Even if smoothly through a dangerous period, the shoulders of the patient following parts of thesensory and motor functions will completely disappear, will face a long time in bed, the life cannot provide for oneself,need the family care, prevent infection." Hou Zhiyong said.

"This is my recent attention to third scarf neck Le case, the hope can cause high vigilance to everyone." Zhang Yingze remind everybody, must fasten scarves bike or take the elevator, scarf sagging part don't stay too long. Once thescarf was twisted into the wheel or in the elevator, the other end will be wrapped around his neck, the parties may not have opportunity to voice for help, the consequences will be unimaginable.

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