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Chengdu women's organizations "Qiao Weaver" woven "warm, three piece set" sent to the left-behind children and the elderly

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Chengdu Municipal Women's Federation of women's employment service center to carry out "the fingertips oflove" -- 2014 red scarf action, calling on Chengdu CityWomen regain needle crochet, as the left-behind children,elderly knitting scarf, hat, glove "Wen Nuansan set", let them warm winter. December 6th afternoon, "fingertipslove" -- 2014 red scarf action "weekend love weavingSalon" carry out in the center of five colored square. Site bursting with popularity, more than 60 people love the five colored square door sitting manmandangdang. This busyknitting teacher, run in the cannon taught their techniques,skills, crochet posture.

"I always like weaving, retired more time, can participate inthis public welfare activities to send love to children and old people, I am very happy." People love Hu Huijun said. Ms. Lee is a mother of 10 children, she said: "the children andthe elderly like to send them in a shawl, hope they can feel the social and we care." Ms. Liu is a just over 30 years old and young mother, she took the 3 year old baby come tocrochet salon. A look at Liu Crocheted speed, will know that it is a hand woven proficient. She said, usually at home willhook cap for baby wear, I very much hope that they can asa "loving mother", as the left behind children also hooksome hats, let them warm winter.

The scene of many men to love. From Chengdu City,Chenghua District boy Xiao Zhang and Xiao Zhao Shinangirlfriends, they help the other ladies rolled wool does not stop. Zhang said: "our boys hand rough not meticulous work, but little effort is certainly no problem, they make wool, we help Wan line, with men and women, work is not tired." Several men to become the site of a beautifulscenery line, working to help you wan wool men were allpraised as "warm", the activities the scene warm heartbursting, enjoyable.

According to the briefing, Chengdu city women's Federation of women's employment service center is organizing the "smart Weaver" woven "warm three piece set", the activity will last to the end of 12. During New Year's day in 2015, "warm three piece set" will be sent to the left behind children and elderly hands. It is reported that theChengdu Municipal Women's Federation has taken the lead in the subscription of 300 sets of "warm three piece suit", will be donated to the Chengdu city within the scope of the left behind children.

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