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If it is too long or in bulky, scarves are likely to clip is hanged, causing potential safety problems

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Yesterday was Sunday, 8 a.m., 10 year old girl quietly (a pseudonym) to learn drawing near Xiaozhai from the northern gate bus. To Xiao Zhai stood quietly with frontadults get off, went to the door on the back of our organs,quiet blue woolen scarf caught in the door. Because of the person on the car, quietly fall on the bus back door step,thanks to a tall man turned quietly pulled up. The driverthen quickly opened the back door of the car, quietly in thepassengers in the car with the help of the solution under the scarf, the safety of the car.

Into the winter, in order to give the child to keep warm,young mother gave the child to wear a different long scarf,but often the children small long scarf, and hidden safety problems evident in daily life. The reporter investigates discovery, every winter, there will be because wearing scarfand injured cases in the ancient city of Xi'an each big hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was observed in Li Jia Cun Wanda Plaza, there are 14 people in 30 long scarfscarf wearing citizens, more than jacket hem, individual girlscarf even to the leg near the. After some kids scarf on the neck of a turn, both ends of decorated with hair ball ballcarelessly on the shoulders of the wind.

"You know the scarf hidden?" Face this problem, 30scarves respondents, only 5 of people said: "if is too long or wearing heavy, scarves are likely to clip is hanged,causing potential safety problems", the remaining 25 people said "do not know".

120 emergency center doctors advise people to give children the best band encircling the winter, do not uselong scarf. In addition to the children, some ladies scarfover the scroll into battery car or bicycle wheel is the mostdangerous, once there is a scarf Le dizzy, please call 120 immediately and take the artificial respiration to wait for the doctor arrived.


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