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More than 200 volunteer organization staff and volunteers to develop love "woven scarf send warm activity for the disabled

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Recently, Kaifu District of New River street in the DeltaCommunity "woven scarf warmth" activities, Zou Yuejin residents and other disabilities and a friend, the sitereceive caring people weaving bright red scarf, straight into my heart warm.

In the morning 9 when much, dozens of disabled delegatesinvited from all over came, representative, and people lovevolunteers and volunteers gathered together. "It ismeaningful, although originally not woven, you just taught me. Two days down, I will weave a red scarf." Display theirweaving preparation presented to the disabled friends who love scarf, Wang Weiping told reporters with a smile, he is the only man love activities involved in the weaving. "Thescarf was good, very beautiful, also very warm!" Give the scene in the subsequent love, caring volunteers for thewear red scarves, disabled Zhang Haitao call warm.

According to the introduction, by Feng network etc. joint New River streets to carry out "woven scarf warmth" activities were collecting social love people, volunteersorganize personnel and more than 200 person of love volunteers, weaving a bright red scarf, through 9 communities in Delta Community rainbow disabled selfassociation and the New River Road community, select the "international day of disabled persons" on the same day tothe hands of the disabled.

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