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Scarves industry: quality win to Win

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Suggests that it is the scarf around her neck refers to a long strip of cloth , usually in warm, but also because of beautiful, clean , or religion to wear . It is said that in ancient times the Yellow Emperor , Chi era will contribute skins distributed as rewards for people who wear the scarf is the first prototype . However, with the development of society, has now refers scarves made of cotton, linen , wool, silk , chemical fiber and other raw materials , including shawls, Baotou cold, dust, decorative textiles in general.

    For a long time , in the clothing industry as a costume scarves are embellished products appear in everyone's view. But in fact, with the increase and improvement of living standards of the population, the demand for the scarf will also continue to expand. Scarf has been or is about to shift from the traditional sense of the cold goods into fashion accessories products is the consensus of all parties in the current industry . "Little scarves woven big market" has become obvious fact. Unfortunately, in 2011 the industry has suffered a scarf unprecedented "winter ." What causes such a negative situation ? The face of difficulties, many of our scarves how should companies respond?

    Appearance : are " warm winter " Blame

    Yiwu International Trade City in four districts and four districts Fukuda scarves scarves professional street are the domestic export industry , one of the major domestic markets . These two places every day, a large number of scarves sent to the country. Data show that China exported 90% of the scarf from Yiwu market , while sales in the world's scarves from Yiwu market 80 %.

    In late November 2011 , the local temperature is still as high as 20 degrees Celsius, while in previous years, this time has long been a cold he could feel the coolness very hot. Futian District scarves on four professional street roadside bulletin board posted an rental ads attracting the eyes of passers-by . Letter " Scarf professional street has a block on a semi- rental stores , 5 area of 4 square meters suitable for warehouses, stores cheap rental ! Rent 32,000 yuan annually , sincere person price can be negotiated ." It is understood that in previous years, about the size of the store with lots rent of about 60,000 yuan . This ad , from the other side of this period also reflects the industry 's indifference scarves .

    It is understood that the annual October to January is the scarf industry sales season. However , in late 2011 to November is also " high " temperature so a lot of scarves factory had already started production. The reason is simply fear discontinued "Warm Winter " continues, will lead to sales decline , if not stop it will cause inventory. Meanwhile, the inventory of such deposit is generally a year . In fact, most manufacturers are aware scarves next December , in January next year is still selling season . However , in the face of the "cash flow" tremendous pressure , who are unwilling to take the risk .

    It is also because of the weather , downstream wholesalers , distributors and even retailers are " dismal " business . These vendors at the same time taking into account the climatic reasons , and also taking into account the Spring comes early this year , which also reduces the invisible scarf about a month sales cycle . Therefore , vendors bought the scarf at the time it was cautious, to some extent, reduce the purchase amount. In fact , vendors are not unreasonable concerns . From the consumer 's point of view , although the scarves have fashion accessory function , but most people from warm function to consider. Substance rich in life today, such consumer goods like scarves already do not need to reserve in advance. Basically the weather turns cold, consumers will go to the store to buy used.

    Warm November , past the busy street but extraordinarily professional scarves deserted . A constant stream of merchants gone, replaced by a scarf factory is running , vendors who ran the clerk . Zhang is one from Sichuan to Yiwu workers in a small workshop-style muffler factory salesman , has been doing this for more than six years time. According to him , said that even in 2008 , when the financial crisis the industry has not been so scarves bleak . For them little by little so keep base wage plus commission business or profit-sharing salesman , the most direct impact is their income. Such old salesman Zhang also improve some factories keep base wage to " keep people ," the clerk has had more "automatic" left scarves sales in this industry, to find another high went.

    In fact , apart from the foreign trade market is affected by the general economic downturn than the " warm winter " almost the entire country has become a recognized industry chain scarves 2011 industry-wide operating bleak more of the reasons.

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