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Scarves industry exports in the first half 2014

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In the first half of 2014, the import and export trade data scarves industry has been released. From the statistical data , China's export growth scarves industry does not change , an increase of over 20% . But in raw materials, labor costs push up prices all the way to the premise that some scarves enterprise data export situation is not reflected as is so optimistic, many factors are affecting the business volume of orders , the trend in the second half can not be exported optimistic.
Prices rose less profit
For most companies , due to rising raw material and labor costs caused by passive product prices, such " growth" does not make business happy.
The first half of 2014 , China's exports scarves industry to produce a satisfactory report card. However , the growth of data behind, but can not ignore the rise in exports was mainly due to commodity price increase. Cotton, yarn, fabric three categories of merchandise export price gains , although kept at a double-digit growth , but exports were a bit wandering.
Macro data aside , for most individual enterprise , the commodity price improvement has become a major driver of overall export growth. However, in the raw material and labor costs due to rising prices caused by passive premise products , such " growth" allows companies happy.
Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. in the first half of a muffler exports grew by 30%, but as the deputy general manager of the company but did not feel happy, " the company 's export growth in the first half of the more because there are various products price improved. Indeed , the first half of the overall volume of exports fell by 7%. imagine, the 30 % increase in the price factor accounting for how much weight . " tone showing a bit of frustration, he explained said: "The current rise in prices of export products is not due to a surge in demand -driven , largely because of a rise in production costs , director of Guangdong silk textile Group also agree with this view, he said , the rising cost of raw materials and labor . production continued pressing the case , companies had to choose to raise prices to ensure profitability of space .
According to reports , this year , an increase of 20 % to 30 % of the workers salary spending has affected the scarf around seventy percent of enterprises, and from the beginning of last year, cotton prices are industry chain effect progressively conduction. Generally not high margin export enterprises are experiencing cost test, on the other hand , the weak external market directly affects the sales of consumer products . Respondents have said that cost pressures in a short time is difficult to be passed on to the foreign body corporate current volume of orders very unhappy people .

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