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Scarf choose to pay attention to what

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Scarf choose to pay attention to what ?

First, the material , the material of choice is important, such as election material scarf , was wearing a scarf when according to local climatic conditions, if the South , choose cotton , modal, silk, bamboo fiber and other natural fibers and animal fiber material, if in the north , the temperature is low , you can choose wool , wool, cashmere and other materials. Both warm and stylish ;

Second, craft, craft a good variety of scarves , yarn-dyed , dyeing, printing, tie-dye , dip dye and so on. Tie-dye scarves hanging with printing process has fashion sense , but generally only wear ladies , men taking into enterprises , often choose generic, such as dyeing yarn-dyed scarf or a muffler men and women .

Third, prices, cotton , modal, bamboo fiber and other natural plant fiber material prices are relatively low, but also has a breathable, sweat-resistant , supple and other characteristics. Silk , wool, cashmere and other materials prices are relatively higher.

Fourth, corporate special needs , some companies often have special requirements, that is, there are some companies on the scarf logo , LOGO and other information such as corporate gifts spiked scarves scarves , embroidery LOGO , etc., Suzhou PF Scarf Co.,Ltd engaged in production for many years scarves on scarves accumulated much experience . Can provide a lot of the advice for you.

Fifth, packaging requirements , to make the scarf looks on grades, packaging is very important , Suzhou PF Scarf Co.,Ltd to provide you with professional scarves variety of packaging options.

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