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Subject to the environmental impact of raw materials and external shocks fell scarves Cotton Fabric

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Recently, the China Textile City, the traditional markets like rayon fabric hanging listed species still more , spot transactions of local volatility decline , showing the overall marketing money down the amount of shrinkage trend. As cotton prices fell, viscose staple fiber prices are still falling , some varieties of cotton yarn scarves price is still down , the transaction price of cotton fabric scarves steady decline , resulting in a steady decline in the price of cotton scarves people .
People cotton yarn 30S × 30S, 68 × 68 size printed rayon to cotton yarn 32S × 32S, 66 × 66 size printed rayon to cotton yarn 32S × 32S, 60 × 60 size printed rayon , single supplement by their counterparts abroad promote local transaction went smoothly , but recently with the decline in demand , the overall stock market began to increase more than plot , plot localized spot Omo wide margin , price continued to decline slightly . Printed rayon scarves some large salesrooms more to send pre- orders based partly salesrooms still make up a single target customers , because of the summer season approaching , summer fabrics daily Qudan overall marketing , because the plot I spot some traditional markets increase , the price more than a slight decline .
Recent market , summer cotton finished one transaction under the Listing fancy varieties and dull now , some creative fabrics transactions continue to go smoothly , some front shop scarves companies and scale of business outlets recently developed innovative fabrics locally marketing continues to go well . Traditional cotton market finished one spot transaction appear insufficient , the daily turnover fell shock , because many have accumulated over the spot , and some small business operators who finished cotton spot prices fell day after day there are different amount .

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