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2014 muffler manufacturing enterprise status

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What is a muffler manufacturing enterprises ? 2014 muffler manufacturing enterprise status is what? Can be summed up in two words : in perpetuity .
First, what is the scarf manufacturing enterprises ?
Scarves manufacturing enterprises is based on customer order production mode of production enterprises , the order is to survive , no orders , companies can not survive. So do foreign manufacturing companies highly dependent on foreign environment .
Second, the manufacturing production cost analysis:
The main cost of production muffler manufacturing enterprises are: wages , raw material procurement, equipment maintenance and updates, product development and other costs , the most important is that staff wages and raw material costs.
Third, the international and domestic environment :
IFC continued to deteriorate , scarves manufacturers orders have been declining. International environment is not optimistic , according to incomplete statistics , scarves manufacturing enterprises orders compared to last year dropped 50% . Domestic raw material prices rose too fast , labor costs are also rising . At the same time , in 2014 even though various companies have raised the basic wage labor , as well as a variety of benefits, but the scarf manufacturing enterprise labor shortage still has not changed.

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