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Scarves do foreign trade orders to pay attention to what

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Scarves order to do foreign trade is not an easy thing, to do a good job, will start from the following segments: style, quality (dyeing, printing), the channel package delivery. 
1, style: before accepting foreign orders, may give foreign guests style, pattern selection, so the style is very important, unique flowers to fashion, to suit foreign tastes. With color: the foreign customers prefer a little color pigment, to master the popular colors. 

2, quality: dyeing and printing quality, stain should strictly follow the color number provided by the customer, but also meet the standard color fastness, color printing can not have a ride, trapping (unless special style); 
3, Delivery: Guests must be strictly in accordance with the specified time of delivery, because the guests have a fixed timetable, flight, if the delay, ranging from deductions, you can not re-delivered, this is taboo, the other necessarily guarantee shipments number, the phenomenon can not have short; 
4, after the Road package should strictly; 
Do more to the point, I think you will be able to firmly grasp the foreign customers.

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