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Domestic small and medium factories scarves buyers how to find the corresponding

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Small scarves factories, how products to market it, the traditional way is through contacts and old customers to develop and expand gradually introduced in this way , or through trading companies.
It is the information age, there are buyers and sellers B2B e-commerce platform to help companies communicate directly to negotiate further cooperation , it is necessary to let it get commissions from trading companies , e-commerce platform for many , the choice is crucial .
First to choose is to choose their own textile professional website , say : Textile Network , providing comprehensive quotes and market information to develop a major marketing services for domestic and foreign trade of textile enterprises , textile network can go about the next.
There are some channels can recommend you :
1 , Alibaba , to find those clothing suppliers , although they are on top sellers , but your potential buyers ;
2 , go to the East China Fair , to exhibit many of which are foreign companies or enterprises factory .
3, to participate in Canton Fair , looking for clothing exhibition, there are all scarves export enterprises or manufacturers.
4 , the Global Resources Network , above, there are a lot of scarves suppliers, are your potential customers.
5 , the Chinese supplier network , a large supplier and exporter of scarves above .
6 , the China Trade Yellow Pages , a large supplier and exporter of scarves above .
7 , the Fair 's website , you find a scarf area, you can find a lot of scarves direct exporters .

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