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Japan scarves orders do what needs attention

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We have said that the Japanese do list is very strict , in the end how strict, in fact, only to reach out personally to try to know , but also the whole process will notice the details , or you know, someone will always tell you .
Although different customers have different requirements , but Japan still has some commonality list .
Because the Japanese order needs of inspection, which is a section of the inspection needs , and the need to include dimensional stability, color fastness local level , so when the orders received in Japan scarves , these are what you need to pay attention . These are undoubtedly in time costs, raw material costs , as well as technology costs are relatively high .
For the Japanese order, you just have to pay attention to the quote , the delivery still have to pay attention .
I get the most recent instance of an order and we explained , may be more aware of some .
This is a dimension of bamboo cotton scarves 180 * 110 , and the market size of conventional bamboo cotton fabric is 160 * 60 , as a non- regular size , so the fabric needs to be customized , then it means the extension of delivery , many guests will ask why you do not home only 20 days to be delivered , and why do you need 30 days , this is one of the reasons .
Because Japan is relatively high quality requirements of this order , the density is relatively higher, so the woven fabric will be relatively slow process , the same machine of the same size scarf, different densities takes longer , this detail is the same impact on your pay delivery. Even woven fabric machine you may need to arrange the need Cadogan machine.
Sample questions remain about the end : not to say that leaving a sample of photos called left at the end , in fact, you'll find photos and there is always a kind of chromatic aberration . Personally feel that the only way to compare is the color card and the sample itself , so the guests will always remember when proofing to play more of a stay as low use, this is the last large cargo compared to the standard , the other not. Each link must remain a real kind .
For craft not done , you will always have unexpected problems , even though they have foreseen a problem because of the density of the dyeing stage there will be some shrinkage, the size will be reduced , but the first time you shrink or unforeseen final degree , so it seems only increased the size of custom fabrics , related to the slowing rate of production , increase the time cost
Unconventional fabric custom size and color fastness requirements increase the cost of production in kind , the time of production costs , as well as shrinking dye wash process costs and time costs require multiple dye wash . In fact, sometimes requires a little bit of an increase , it may involve a lot of details you can not consider the place . From this point you can feel that , compared to conventional products customized process and the level is really demanding .
In short , do the Japanese order, you not only have to understand the detailed requirements of the guests , but also to grasp the detailed knowledge of the product and production processes, and each step requires patience and guests proactive communication , it will and will not go wrong in one part of . Can not be achieved , do not agree otherwise, may be a hot potato .

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